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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reaper Read-Aong Week 4

Don't fear the Reaper Read-a-Long

Week 4 Questions:

1. One of my favorite aspects of this book are the witty snippets at the beginning of every chapter. I especially like the t shirt quotes. What is the funniest t shirt or bumper sticker you have encountered? If you had a t shirt that best described you what would it say?

2. Charley is constantly helping ghosts throughout the book. Would you like to be able to talk to ghosts and bring closure to their loved ones? How would you feel about all the ghosts popping up at all times day or night? Would you like to have a ghost like Mr. Wong in your house?

3. Kim reveals some rather shocking and sad details about Reyes’ past. Do you agree with her decision to adhere to her promise and not intervene? Would you be willing to keep your word and let a loved one die if it was their wish?

4. In Chapter 19 Charley confronts the bad guy and finds herself in yet another situation where she gets her ass kicked. Do you like the fact that Charley consistently ends up getting her butt handed to her? What are your overall thoughts on Charley?

5. Chapter 20 is a big, hot, smoking chapter. We finally get some answers on Reyes. Does the revelation change your opinion of him? Do you think he can overcome his “nature” and be a good person or is Charley in big trouble?

6. Did you enjoy this book? Will you be continuing the series?

My Answers~

1.  Damn it Jim!  My friend and I say this ALL the time, truly all the time.  We have a friend named Jim, he is a lawyer, and we told him about this, it makes it even more fun to say...we blame EVERYthing on him!

2.  I think is would be hard, just like Charley says it would be, the crying the anger...need I say more.  But it would be cool to have a friend like Charley and still be able to see/talk with the ghosts...

3. Well I was just like Charley at first I was annoyed/angry, but then I totally get why Kim is sticking to her guns.  I don't know what I would do, but I guess if it is their wish, I would support them!

4.  I think she is tough, but her clumsy-ness plus her general lack of serious-ness (for lack of better word(s)) makes her redeemable.  I like Charley, she is great, I do think that she could kick more but if she would learn to use her mysterious powers Reyes always talks about...

5.  I loved this revelation, it makes him more human-like even though he is well not human.  I thought it was wonderful how she reacted all freaked out, especially since she talks to ghosts.  Anyway I love Reyes no matter what, just don't want to be on his bad side...

6.  Hell yes, and Hell yes!  I love Darynda Jones, and can't wait for her YA series!


  1. It would be hard to have lots of ghosts popping up on your but it could be rewarding helping them move on. Reyes could have a scary bad side! Charley is kick butt but not invincible which I like.

    1. I agree with your assessment of Charley, if she were to be invincible, she wouldn't be as endearing...I do however love Reyes' bad side(like I said I don't want on it), it makes him irresistible, plus I think if he were truly bad, she would have done worse things by now... Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. The damn it Jim is that a throw back to Star Trek? I think you are on the right track by being friends with someoen who sees ghosts vs. seeing them yourself. Yeah Reyes is pretty bad ass! I am so glad you are a series fan and that you did the read along. Please stay in touch. I always return comments and like to have new blogger friends ;)

    1. Yes, it is a throw back to star trek!!! Thanks for commenting, and yes, I love Darynda Jones, this has been my first time doing a read along and it was fun! Thanks for connecting with me, and I will keep in touch.