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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reaper Read-Along Week 2

I am reading along with other Bloggers, First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones!

Question for Second week:

1 - Shiny objects and old family stories are told in this chapter, including an old nickname for our dear Charley. What was the nickname her uncle Bob gave her when she was little? Do you have an old nickname from when you were a kid? You can share it, and if it's really embarrassing we won't mind. *wink*

2 - In this chapter we met someone. A really special guy named Rocket. Now, my memory is not what it used to be, and I just can't remember what makes him so special. Can you tell me what makes this particular ghost unique among all the others? And how about you? What can you do that makes you special? Anything? Jump on one foot for a really long time counts. *giggle*

3 - Charley is really *cough* not your ordinary girl. She does something that, well, there's no way around it. She named parts of her body and the names are... oh crap, I forgot. Just my luck. *sigh* But I'm sure you guys can say what part of her body she named and what the names were. And, since we are on the matter, have you ever named a part of your body? If so, what was it and what was the name? Come on, don't
be shy. *wink+crooked smile*

4 - We all have our little secrets. Things we don't tell anyone, not even our bff. Char (we became close :P ) is no different, but in this chapter she shared her little (big) secret (S) with her bff. What did you think about her reaction? What would be yours?

5 - In this chapter, Char continues her heart-to-heart with her BFF and comes up with some theories about our fave badboy/possibly ghost. What do you think of it? Can it be? What do you think about him? Hot? Double chocolate hot? Super duper caramel chocolate cake with a cherry on top hot?

Answers for Second week:

1. Charley's nickname was Calamity, like Calamity Jane.  Her father named his bar Calamity after her...  I did have a nickname growing up it was Chelsea Meggie...(my middle name is Megan, so Meggie rhymes with Chelsea)

2.  Rocket has a fantastic memory...he knows every name of every one ever born, plus if they are still alive.  I on the other hand have a seriously horrible memory!  I can remember pretty much everything about books I have read, but everything else not so much!  I guess my special-ness is that I truly can remember most everything about a book I have read (if I liked it).  I could tell you names, what they looked like, what they were wearing in a certain part of the book, what they said, who is related or not, relationships, other random facts that no one really needs to or should know... Weird huh?

3.  LOL you didn't forget, nice try! :)  She has named her breasts Danger (right) Will Robinson (Left).  She also named her ovaries, but hasn't told us yet what the names are...they don't get out much :)  I haven't ever named any of my body parts...but maybe I will :)

4.  Cookie is hilarious.  I don't know what my reaction would be, I mean if someone told be I see dead people, they walk through me cuz I'm The Grim Reaper...oh and I know every language in the whole world...I would probably seize too!

5.  The first time I read this book, I was like oh my gosh who is it, who could it be...but this time around it is almost a duh...probably cuz I already know who it I would say that I think he is super double dipped fudge extra whip, extra cherries, with sprinkles served over melting ice cream next to cheesecake drizzled with chocolate syrup...yummy!!


  1. Ok, you got me there :-P I didn't! LoL
    Oh, come onnnnn, you have to name it. Is sooo cool! LoL
    Besides, I think I have a new nick for you: Rockete! Cose you have his ability but woth books, I bet you can say if the book was released or not and the date too LoL

    Great answers!

    1. LOL thanks for the nickname :) Actually I can say wether or not a book has been released, I have a spreadsheet for this reason, and if we are in a month when it is to be released I could probably tell you the date...I work in a Library and I help them makes sure we have the newest books :)

  2. That is a pretty neat trick to do that with books! So what body part are you naming? Oh adding the cheesecake on the side! Ahh! You temptress! Thanks for being a part of the read along and thanks for adding my button to your blog!

    1. LOL thanks! Body part...hmmm maybe I'll name my hair (I'm a hairdresser) and she will be called...Harriet :) I do love me some cheesecake! Your welcome for adding your button! :)

  3. Hahaha. It's killing me to not have reached the end. At the same time, I can't wait to find out what happens xD Oooh cheesecake <3

    1. I know, I felt the same way when I first read First Grave! I know most people can't reject cheesecake, or even think about rejecting cheesecake...

  4. I think your bookish memory is very cool! I would love to have it especially with all sorts of series that I'm reading. It usually takes me a while to refresh my memory.

    1. Thanks! I agree with reading all the different series, having the memory of them is great! I am a sort of Book Dealer/Pimp I have five close friends who are always asking me what book to read next or in what order they go in, or when the next one comes out. Actually the reason I started this blog was because one friend told that I needed to have a blog with the lists of upcoming books that we read so she didn't have to keep asking me. So yeah, that is how it started and I love my 'special power' hee hee lol :) Thanks for commenting!