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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Challenge yourself to Read

~*~Challenge yourself to Read~*~

I have recently become addicted to challenges....
Hello my name is Chelsea and I am a Reading Challenge Addict...
What does this mean?
No I don't need meds, and I don't think is is quite serious enough for a padded room, yet. ;)

A Reading Challenge is a challenge set up by someone (or yourself) where you pick a book(s) to fit a certain criteria then challenge yourself to read them. 

A name challenge
E~ (haven't found one yet)

So the idea is that you pick a book where the title starts with each letter of your name. You can also do a nickname so I could do CHELS instead. 

Then you give yourself a time limit to read the books by.  This particular one is my January 2013 Challenge. 

There are other challenges where another person picks a book for you making it a sort of surprise.  Like say I give you the link to my TBR shelf on Goodreads, then you pick a  book for me and give me a time limit to lets say 2 weeks or a month if you are a slower reader.

Then there are year-long challenges, and six month challenges, and even weekly challenges.  Really you could do anything your heart desires ;)  I mainly started this because I love picking up a book I haven't even thought to read then loving every minute of it, also it helps to find books, authors, and genres I wouldn't have read otherwise.  Perfect example is The 500 by Mathew Quirk.  I wouldn't have read it had it not been for a reading challenge where the prompt was an Action book.

I have started my own group on Goodreads, for Challenges...yes I know I'm really an addict. ;)

*Click below or above to check out the group on Goodreads...happy reading!*

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