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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet

Fourth Grave Beneath my Feet

Fourth book in the Charley Davidson series

Release Date: October 30, 2012

Sometimes being the grim reaper really is that. Grim. And since Charley’s last case went so awry, she has taken a couple months off to wallow in the wonders of self-pity. But when a woman shows up on her doorstep convinced someone is trying to kill her, Charley has to force herself to rise above. Or at least get dressed. She quickly realizes something is amiss when everyone the woman knows swears she’s insane. The more they refute the woman’s story, the more Charley believes it.
 In the meantime, the sexy, sultry son of Satan, Reyes Farrow, has been cleared of all charges. He is out of prison and out of Charley’s life, as per her wishes and several perfectly timed death threats. But his absence has put a serious crimp in her sex life. While there are other things to consider, like the fact that the city of Albuquerque has been taken hostage by an arsonist, Charley is having a difficult time staying away. Especially when it looks like Reyes may e involved. Just when life was returning to normal, Charley is thrust back into the world of crime, punishment, and the devil in blue jeans.

Excerpt from Fourth Grave:
With renewed energy, I pulled back onto Academy— after hitting a drive-through for a mocha latte— and had just started for home when my phone rang.

“Yes?” I said, illegally talking on the phone while driving within the city limits. Scoping for cops, I waited for Uncle Bob to stop talking to whomever he was talking to and get back to me.

My uncle Bob, or Ubie as I most often referred to him, was a detective for APD, and I helped him on cases from time to time. He knew I could see the departed and used that to his advantage. Not that I could blame him.

“Get that to her, then call the ME ay-sap.”

“Okay,” I said, “but I’m not sure what calling the medical examiner ay-sap is going to accomplish. I’m pretty sure his name is George.”

“Oh, hey, Charley.”

“Hey, Uncle Bob. What’s up?”

“Are you driving?”


“Have you heard anything?”

Our conversations often went like this. Uncle Bob with his random questions. Me with my trying to come up with answers just as random.

Not that I had to try very hard. “I heard that Tiffany Gorham, a girl I knew in grade school, still stuffs her bra. But that’s just a rumor.”

“About the case,” he said through clenched teeth. I could tell his teeth were clenched because his words were suddenly forced. That meant he was frustrated. Too bad I had no idea what he was talking about.

“I wasn’t aware that we had a case.”

“Oh, didn’t Cookie call you?”

“She called me a doody-head once.”

“About the case.” His teeth were totally clenched again.

“We have a case?”

But I’d lost him. He was talking to another officer. Or a detective. Or a hooker, depending on his location and accessibility to cash. Though I doubted he would tell a hooker to check the status of the DOA’s autopsy report. Unless he was way kinkier than I’d ever given him credit for.  I found his calling me only to talk to other people very challenging.
“I’ll call you right back,” he said. No idea to whom.
The call disconnected as I sat at a light, wondering what guacamole would look like if avocados were orange.
I finally shifted my attention to the dead kid in my backseat. He had shoulder-length blond hair and bright blue eyes and looked somewhere between fifteen and seventeen.
“You come here often?” I asked him, but my phone rang before he could say anything. That was okay. He had a vacant stare, so I doubted
he would have answered me anyway.
“Sorry about that,” Uncle Bob said. “Do you want to discuss the case?”
“We have a case?” I said again, perking up.
“How are you?”
He asked me that every time he called now. “Peachy. Am I the case? If so, I can solve this puppy in about three seconds. I’m heading down San Mateo toward Central in a cherry red Jeep Wrangler with a questionable
exhaust system.”
“Hurry, before I get away!”
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Now, we have her alone and she isn't going anywhere until she answers a few for all of you dyeing to know about the author behind the Grim Reaper Charley, here is a special interview with one Darynda Jones herself! 

1.    How long have you been writing? Did you always know you wanted to write romance?
I have been writing since I was a kid. I’ve always loved to write but didn’t know I wanted to BE a writer until I was in Jr. High School. While not everything I write is strictly romance, everything I write has a strong romantic subplot, so yes. I love romance. There simply must be  some kind of romance in every story I write.

2.    Do you have any favorite romance authors? Have any of them influenced your writing?

The first romance author I read and fell in love with was Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. She was a huge influence on me. Her stories were larger than life, her characters endearing. I wanted to be just like her for a very long time.

3.    When you started writing the Charley Davidson series, did you always intend for it to be an ongoing series?

I had planned an ongoing series from the start. I hoped it would be open-ended, and it is. My editor wants it to keep going.  I am working on  Fifth Grave Past the Light and the next book in the Darklight series, which is my YA series.

4.    Charley is so witty and fun, danger surrounds her and she seems oblivious to it all, laughing in even the most dire of situations.  How did you  go about creating Charley’s character, she’s not your of the run of the mill kind of heroine is she anything like you?

She is definitely NOT like me! Hahaha. I really wanted her to have this tremendous burden of having to help the departed while trying to make a living and pay the rent. But I didn’t want her to be a whiner. I hate whiners. I wanted her to just accept who she is without complaining too much and to enjoy her ability. So many urban fantasy characters do nothing but complain about their circumstances. I wanted Charley to be different and fun. Someone the reader could really root for.

5.    Reyes is a mystery to readers; we’ve only caught glimpses of the man behind the robe.  He has protected Charley since the day she was born. Why do you think so many women have this fascination with the Son of Satan?
I think partly because he is so dark and mysterious, but partly because he has had a very hard life as a human. He has been abused and has flaws, but through it all he has loved Charley and protected her the best he could. That makes him a hero despite his dark side.

Here goes my short and sweet round of questions:
1.    What is your favorite way of spending time?
Dreaming up stories in my head and replaying them over and over.

2.    What is your greatest fear?
Something will happen to my children.

3.    What is your deepest desire?
For my family to be happy and healthy.

4.    What is your most treasured possession?
My computer. LOL

5.    What is your idea of happiness?
Curling up with a good book on a rainy day. Heaven on Earth.

Thank you so much, Darynda!   

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Darynda Jones Bio
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Darynda Jones has won numerous awards for her work including a prestigious Golden Heart®, a RITA®, and a Daphne du Maurier. As a born storyteller, she grew up spinning tales of dashing damsels and heroes in distress for any unfortunate soul who happened by, annoying man and beast alike. Darynda lives in the Land of Enchantment, also known as New Mexico, with her husband and two beautiful sons, the Mighty, Mighty Jones Boys.

Goodall City Library Book Display

I absolutely love Darynda Jones' books!  I recommend everyone give em a try!  Read them, then tell all your friends about them!  I set up a display of the Charley Davidson books where I work, and two days later they were all checked out, and a waiting list was started!!!


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    1. Jennifer~ I am glad that it has caught your interest, have you read the first three books, or heard of them? Darynda's first book is called First grave on the Right. Second book is Second grave on the Left and third book is Third grave dead Ahead. I recommend that if you thought this one sounds good, and you haven't read the others, do so first, they are fantastic! Here is a link to Amazon for the first book, you can see if you like it! Happy Reading! :)

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  9. I love how quirky Charley is (you never know what is going to come out of her mouth)and how hot Reyes is :)