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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Josette Reuel Dásreach Council Novel Releasing the Panther


Dásreach Council Novels

Author: Josette Reuel
 Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Series with minimum of 13 books planned.
Dásreach Council Novels

The Dásreach Legacy © Josette Reuel

Millennia ago when the Earth was much younger it was first protected by great and ferocious beasts — the dragons. However, after a time of peace the dragons left for another world in danger, leaving the Earth in the care of the Great Spirit and its creation… humans.
      As it is with such things, the Earth soon found itself in peril once again. Humans prospered, but with that prosperity also came greed and depravity. The Great Spirit saddened by the lack of concern humans had for the Earth and each other, sent forth the Shaman from Tiranam, the Sacred Land, to find the strongest and most loyal of warriors; thirteen warriors to become the guardians of the Earth — the two-spirited, the Dásreach.

      The Thirteen, as they became known, were bonded with spirit guardians to better understand the natural world around them. As each warrior accepted their calling they were tattooed with a mark from the Great Spirit and the spirit guardians chose the man best suited to each task; the dragon chose the leader of the warriors, the black panther chose his Beta to support the leader in all things, and the eagle chose the warrior with the strongest connection to the Great Spirit. The remaining warriors were chosen in pairs by the Kodiak grizzly bear spirits for combat strategy and enforcement of laws, the mountain lion spirits for gifts of healing, the red fox spirits to provide for the warriors’ physical needs, the falcon spirits for intelligence and memory to keep the history, and the gray wolf spirits for their ability to instruct others in battle training and their knowledge of the world. The spirit guardians granted each warrior long life, the ability to shift into the form of their spirit guardian, and a special ability to assist them in their sacred duties.

      The Dásreach made strides in protecting the natural world, but the balance was still skewed. The warriors lacked the knowledge of true connection and compassion to their fellow humans, seeing them only as the cause for the imbalance of the Earth. Realizing that the men needed a connection to family and community and a way to continue to fulfill their responsibilities into further generations, the Great Spirit sent them into the world to find mates. Destiny chose a woman that would balance each warrior’s strengths and flaws. As each mate accepted their warrior and bonded to their mate they shared in the warriors’ gifts of long life, a spirit guardian, the ability to shift, and the special ability gifted to their warrior — becoming true partners to their warriors.

      As a tentative balance was restored to the Earth, the Great Spirit granted the couples many sons to carry on the duty charged to them and to maintain the balance. The Thirteen with their sons and mates created a Dásig, a community, for the Dásreach and became the first council of the Dásreach race.

Present Day

      The Dásreach still follow the teachings of the first council, leadership switches every twenty years as a new Thirteen are chosen and trained to become the next Council of the Dásreach. As with the original Thirteen, these men are required to find mates to keep balance with the Earth and humanity, so by their fortieth year when the new Council takes control, the law states that they must have bonded with their destined mates. In all of the history of the Dásreach, the Thirteen have always found their mates — that is until the current Thirteen.


Releasing the Panther - CoverTitle: Releasing the Panther:
Dásreach Council Novel 3
Series: Dásreach Council Novels
Release Date: TBD
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Retail: $2.99 eBook, $TBD print

Josette Reuel is currently working on "Releasing the Panther" as part of NaNoWriMo. Be sure to check out her Facebook page for updates and excerpts.

Charlie Gavin is a panther shifter and the Beta of the Thirteen — the group to become the next Dásreach Council. But, to become the council the Thirteen must find their mates. When he received a phone call from his best friend and Alpha, Kai Darrow, Charlie was happy his friend found his mate, but a bit jealous too. That was until he saw Natalie on the side of the road with her friends after a blown tire. His panther’s natural instincts immediately took control and his passions rose with each interaction with the emotionally distanced ex-Marine.

NaNoWriMo ParticipantNatalie Hunnam, goes by Nat, decided a long time ago that living life only got you hurt. She devoted herself to the Marines and when she couldn’t handle seeing the aftermath of the conflict of being a soldier; she retired and started helping those wounded soldiers that spoke to her own wounded heart. Her life was rewarding, but lonely, until the Book Worms. Control and logic ruled her life, but paranormal romance and her Book Worms gave her a place to release her deepest hidden desires. Desires that manifested in one cocky British Dásreach panther.

Unbeknownst to the Thirteen a darkness is working against them, preventing possible mates from coming into contact with them. Working in the shadows and using human pawns, the darkness has set its sights on Natalie and her friends.

Can Charlie convince Natalie that sometimes you need to let go and live before it’s too late?

Josette Reuel, Author Bio
Josette ReuelJosette Reuel spent many years in the corporate world writing stuffy computer software manuals, until one day a shape-shifting dragon kidnapped her and dragged her off to be his destined mate... as the words flowed on to the page, she realized that it was time to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a published author.

An avid reader from her earliest memories, Josette enjoys many genres; however her current passion is anything Romance. Her love of Fantasy and the Paranormal tends to come out in all of her writing with strong alpha heroes, each with a little something extra.

Finding the Dragon — the first book in the Dásreach Council Novels — was her debut novel. The future promises to be full of more great releases.

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