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Thursday, March 7, 2013

All the Way Review

All the Way
by Jennifer Probst

All the Way

~*~My Review~*~

This is a very fun read!  The characters were fun to read about, and each one had something that I loved about them.  Yes, even Allison and how she is shown up by Miranda.  I thought that this book was a great look into what it takes to be happy, and how decisions can be made and how life changes because of it.  
I was biting my nails and rooting for Gavin and Miranda the whole way wondering if they were really going to get a happy ending.  I loved hearing about the 'foodie' industry without it all being super technical, this story may have been about a food critic but it was truly a story about Miranda and her relationship with Gavin as well as a story about Gabe and his relationship with Miranda.  I thought the parts from Gavin's perspective were wonderfully well written and I had to remind myself that a woman had written the book, it was so real.  
I loved how it explored every aspect of them, from their fun and intensity and their heart ache and how they are able to cope, and live a happy life. Also how others impacted and reacted to them, with them, and around them.  Wonderful!  If there are more books about this crew I will read each one happily and eagerly! 
 I am a huge fan of Jennifer Probst!

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