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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marissa Meyer The Lunar Chronicles

The Lunar Chronicles
by Marissa Meyer
Book 1 Cinder

Another awesome Young Adult read! I was pleasantly surprised with the twist on Cinderella, and the Lunar Chronicles are going to be another series I wait impatiently for!!! Everyone must read this book!!

Book 2 Scarlet

If you haven't read so NOW! Then go and get Scarlet and read it! I was amazed and impressed by Cinder and now I am so far past that into astounded by scarlet! Marissa Meyer is an amazing author. The amount of detail in these books is just wow! I love how she intertwined Cinder and Scarlet in this book, and she did such a wonderful job that I was bored, or annoyed, or waiting for the end to see what happened. I was in the story every step of the way, and it was wonderful! I was curious the whole time what Cinder was going to do, and how she would explain things to Thorne, who is hilarious, and a wonderful new character! Then Wolf had me by the throat, he was sincere, yet distant, and surprising the entire time. Scarlet was a kick but Alpha Heroine, and I seriously can't wait for more of her. I figure Winter is Snow White? But Cress has me stumped, I guess time will tell, and truly if you have not read Marissa Meyer, do so, you will not be disappointed!

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Book 3 Cress TBR 2014
Book 4 Winter TBR 2015


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